Your Tires Should Only Travel the Path Seen By Your Eyes

One of the dangers of driving any vehicle and commercial vehicles in particular is letting good driving habits fade into bad habits. Basic safe backing precaution requires getting out of the vehicle to ensure the path is clear and is repeated multiple times a day or a week. This repetition often reveals no hazards to avoid. As a result, it becomes easier to assume it unlikely you will encounter another object. But a professional driver knows collisions usually occur while backing up. Don’t drive like an amateur; be a pro. Be prepared and alert and follow basic backing procedures. 

Be sure you begin the backing maneuver by avoiding blind side backing. If needed, you should go around and re-position your tractor-trailer unit. Having your mirrors aligned and in good condition will increase your visible line of sight. Remember, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure to back safely at all times whether using an assistant or not.