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  1. Opening Trailer Doors Safely

    Always park on level ground before attempting to open trailer doors.

    Parking downhill is dangerous and could cause any unsecured loads to roll out of the truck.

    Perform a visual inspection to ensure the area around the doors and behind the truck is completely clear of any people or objects.

    Unlatch and open one door rather than both at the same time. This way, if a load is not secure, it will be partially blocked by the other closed door. Opening one door also allows you to check inside the trailer and evaluate whether or not the contents have shifted.

    Stand to the side as you open the trailer doors; never stand directly in front of the trailer. Pulling the door with you as you step back and to the side will keep you out of the path of any falling materials. Doing this will also allow you to use the door as a shield to block any falling objects.

    Open the door with a firm grasp to avoid the wind from grabbing it. 

    Also it is good practice to not only use the hook to keep the doors open, but to strap them tight with a bungie cord.




  2. We are looking to build our Brokerage/Logistics Operation by adding a smart, highily motivated, creative and devoted individual who embraces a fast-paced environment!  This is an opportunity to help build a business.  For the right person, this is an opportunity to make your mark quickly and substantially! Brokerage experience and a carrier/customer following preferred. What makes Super Service a great place to build a brokerage career?  Guaratneed base salary, generous incentive program, clear marketing strategy, competitive benefits package, team atmosphere, career advancement opportunities, and strong leadership!  To apply, send your resume to:

  3. spotlight-300x202[1]Spotlight on CSA: Driver Fitness

    The most written violations in the Driver Fitness BASIC:

    #1. Driver lacking physical qualification(s) - missing eyeglasses, hearing aid.

    #2. Driving a CMV while CDL is suspended for a safety-related or unknown reason and in the state of driver's license issuance. (child support issues, auto insurance issues).

    #3. Driving a CMV while disqualified. Suspended for safety-related or unknown reason and in the state of driver's license issuance (licensed state not in possession of updated medical certificate).

    #4. Expired medical examiner's certificate.

    #5. Operating a CMV without a CDL in driver's possession.

    Making sure your credentials are current and keeping fit is the first step in having a violation free record, and helping to improve the company’s CSA Score.

    Better CSA Scores improve our ratings with current customers and helps us gain new customers. More freight keeps your wheels rolling and gives opportunity to earn more dollars.

    Remember a clean, properly logged inspection (previous quarter’s on-line training must also be complete) earns company drivers a $50 bonus!

  4. Protective Foot Wear

    Mar 26

    Posted in Safety

    Protective Foot Wear

    Open Toe Shoes, Flip Flops or Sandals are not permitted around the truck, the yard, the customer or the terminal. You may wear shower shoes only when taking a shower, you need to change before you leave the building.

    You must have proper footwear on when climbing in and out of the tractor or the trailer, or when operating/driving any machinery.

    Your feet are the foundation of your body and means for transporting yourself. A cut or infection can stop your ability to provide for your family. Please take proper care of your feet by having and using footwear that covers your toes and supports your foot for your job as a professional driver.

    Protective footwear and dress is also required for riders.


  5. spotlight-300x202[1]Spotlight on CSA: HOS Compliance

    The most written violations in the Hours of Service Compliance BASIC on a Driver/Vehicle Examination Report (aka DOT Inspection):

    1.Driver's record of duty status (general/form and manner):

    --Not showing “ON DUTY” time for functions such as Pre-trip, post trip, fueling, scaling, loading, unloading, drop & hook, DOT Inspection, etc.

    --Not showing “SLEEPER BERTH” time during 10hr DOT Break (must show a minimum of 8 consecutive hours).

    --No LOAD Information entered on the log (under HOS/VIR window, LOAD tab is on far right – must enter and keep current Trip #, dates, BOL#’s, trailer #’s)

    2.On-board recording device information not available:  This is due to not having/presenting the DOT Hours of Service Quick Reference Card and Vehicle Inspection Report Quick Reference Card which should be in your permit book.

    3.On-board recording device information requirements not met: Not having a Blank Log Book in case the E-log Fails or not having copies or access to the last 7days of logs (if e-log fails you must obtain a print out of your past 7 days from the log department).

    4.Driving beyond 14 hour duty period.

    5.Driving beyond 11 hour driving limit in a 14 hour period.

    6.Driving beyond 8 hour limit since the end of the last off duty or sleeper period of at least 30 minutes.

    7.Fatigue-Operate a property-carrying CMV while impaired by fatigue.

    Knowing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations when it comes to HOS and logging it “as it happens” is the first step in having a violation free record, and helping to improve the company’s CSA Score.
  6. Avoid an HOS Violation

    by Knowing & Obeying the Rules

    Fines can really add up when serious Hours of Service or log falsification violations are discovered. Make sure you do not exceed your driving time.

    Drivers who reach the hours of service limits must stop driving a commercial motor vehicle. “Driving time” means all time spent at the driving controls of a CMV in operation. This includes time spent in slow traffic, or traffic at a standstill, or other delays on impassable highways. 

    The concept of a “safe haven” only applies to drivers operating vehicles containing explosive materials, and affects when those drivers are eligible to be off duty (see Section 397.5 of the FMC Safety Regulations book). For all other drivers, there is no exception which says they can exceed the hours of service limits to reach a safe haven! In fact, the hours of service rules make no mention of safe havens. 

    It is incumbent on drivers to look for parking well before they reach their final minutes of allowed driving, if they do exceed their hours they are in violation and must note on their log the reason for exceeding their hours. They must then take the proper break period to be compliant to drive again.

    Planning and good communication is essential. Don’t just accept a Pre-plan load assignment if you know you do not have the hours to legally run. Instead communicate with your DM and let them know what you can and cannot do. Pickup and delivery times may need to be adjusted or a repower of the load may be the best option.

    If you run into delays, which will cause you to have to shut down before an appointment can legally be made, let your DM know as far in advance as possible. Drive Legal Always!

  7. The March 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  8. We are currently looking for a Driver Manager for our SE Region business based out of Ellenwood, GA.  Ideal candidate will have 2 or more years truck dispatch experience and supervisory experience.  Experience with Qualcomm and AS400 preferred.  You will be responsible for managing a group of 40-50 truck drivers to ensure the safe, legal, on-time delivery of customer freight.  To apply, send you resume to:

  9. We are currently looking for a CSR for our Somerset, KY or Lebanon, TN terminals.  Responsibilities include: maintaining and growing a set group of customer accounts, building relationshps, relaying information on shipments/deliveries, scheduling and booking freight, monitoring trailer pools, and performing other duties as necesary.  Must have a mimimum of 3 years customer service expereince (preferably in the transportation industry) and 1 year of inside sales experience.  If interested, send your resume to:

  10. The February 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

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