Jun 02

Posted in Safety


Make sure you have your driver’s license and current medical card on you at all times.

Make sure you have a copy of the Qualcomm instruction sheets (quick reference cards for HOS & VIR) in your permit book to provide to the officer if requested. It is CSA violation if you don’t have it.

Be sure you know how to request your logs to be faxed/emailed to the officer (under 8 Day Tab).

Make sure all stickers and items in the permit book are unexpired.

Check the equipment weight at the shipper, or the closest location, before crossing a DOT Scale.

Make sure your equipment is not defective. Some of the most common defects are brake issues, lights not working and damaged tires.

If hauling a hazmat load, you must make sure your bills are correct and readily accessible, the trailer is properly placarded, the load is secure, and that you have your emergency response guide with the bills.

Obey the road laws - Drive the speed limit and don’t stand out in a crowd. Following too closely will get an officer’s attention very quickly.

Wear your seat belt!

Eliminate electronic and other distractions.

Hand in or send your roadside inspections to safety ASAP by TransFlo or fax to 404-795-0887.  Zero violations on a roadside inspection, properly logged as ON DUTY and turned in within the required 24hrs; the company will pay a $50 bonus.