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  1. Operation Safe Driver

    Oct 21

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    Operation Safe Driver

    Please drive safe and watch for extra law enforcement as Operation Safe Driver continues until Saturday, midnight, 10/22/16.

    Drive with your lights on. Watch your speed and keep your following distance. Use your turn signals, pass only if necessary, and stay out of the truck restricted lanes. Always wear your seat belt and wait until you are safely parked to use your cell phone.

    Remember, if you are stopped, to log the time as On Duty. Send in any warnings, citations, or Driver/Vehicle Examinations (DOT Inspections) via TransFlo. Properly logged, violation free inspections earn you $50.


    Oct 20

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    The new quarter is online and ready for you to complete!

    Super Service utilizes an online training program to meet required on-going training regulations, reduce incidents, accidents, and create a safer working environment. Also it is part of the quarterly bonus program.

    Training and testing can be completed in just minutes using any Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer with Internet connection.

    The website for online training is Once the website loads, click the “Training Center” link.

    You can logon using your Driver Code and a password provided by your DM. Then click “Classroom”.

    Everyone should take the time to complete the online training each quarter. If you haven’t gone to the online training before you may have some catching up to do. Each training module takes an average of 5 minutes to complete.

  3. Hours of Service

    Oct 19

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    Hours of Service

    Everything you enter on the log must be true & correct, and account for every day, even days off. The logs must be approved each day.

    Driving duty limits:Drivers may not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour, nor exceed 11-hour driving limit within the 14 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. Drivers may not drive once they reach 70-hours in a 8-day period.  

    Breaks:Drivers may drive a CMV only if 8 hours or less have passed since the end of the driver’s last off-duty or sleeper-berth period of at least 30 minutes. FMCSA did not specify when drivers must take the 30-minute break, but the rule requires they wait no longer than 8 hours after the last off-duty or sleeper-berth period to take the break. When on a 10 hour break, a minimum 8 consecutive hours must be logged in the sleeper berth.

    In order to get the 70-hour/8-day period availability, a minimum 34 hour break must be taken (the truck should not be operated).

    ON Duty Functions: After a 10 hour or 34 hour DOT Break a driver must complete a Pre-Trip Inspection before operating the equipment; this needs to be at least 15min.  All ON Duty functions must also be logged as they happen including: fueling, scaling, loading, unloading, drop & hook, DOT Inspection, tire check, etc. 

    Before going on a DOT Break, a minimum 15min. Post Trip must be completed along with a VIR report.

    LOAD Information:For E-logs go to the LOAD Tab and enter: Load ID#, End Date of load, BOL#, Trailer#. This must be up-to-date and edited as necessary.

  4. Backing Safely

    Oct 18

    Posted in Safety

    Backing Safely

    Before you begin backing, set the brakes and GET OUT AND LOOK – GOAL.

    When backing use your flashers. Put warning flashers on before shifting into reverse. Periodically tap on your city horn. Keep the windows open and the radio off so you’ll hear any noises.

    If you are using a spotter make sure you and the helper are in a position so you can see each other at all times. If youlose sight of them, STOP!

  5. Don’t Let Mountain Driving Turn Into a Rocky Experience

    Mountain driving poses such hazards as steep hills, changing weather, wildlife and rocks in the roadway.  Follow these tips to stay safe:

    All lights should be on for safety -  day or night. Use your four-ways to alert other drivers you are below the speed limit.

    While traveling up steep roadways stay in the right lane to allow other vehicles to pass. If you must, pull off the road at the first place you may do so safely.

    Pay special attention to speed limit signs and warning signs, such as those warning of curves, steep hills or other hazards. 

    Watch for bicyclists near the right side of the road.

    Use a lower gear to control speeds while going up or down long, steep hills. 

    Always yield to vehicles going uphill if you are traveling downhill on a narrow road. 

    Do not coast downhill by shifting into neutral or disengaging the clutch.

  6. The October 2016 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  7. We are currently seeking a Load Planner.  Ideal candidate will have 2 or more years dispatch experience and experience with equipment utilization and load planning.  You will be responsible for planning freight for a specified region of the country.  To apply send resume to:


  8. We are currently looking to add a Driver Recruiter to any of the following terminal locations:  Ellenwood, GA / Somerset, KY / Grand Rapids, MI.  Ideal candidates will have a minimum of one year experience recruiting OTR Truck Drivers, knowledge of driver recruiting strategies, and the demonstrated ability to meet recruiting goals.  We offer a competitive base salary and generous recruiting bonuses.  If interested, send your resume to:

  9. The September 2016 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

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  10. The August 2016 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

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