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  1. Timely Reporting

    Feb 18

    Posted in Safety

    Timely Reporting

    Anytime you have an incident such as needing a tow, a fender bender, a crash, a DOT Roadside Inspection, a written warning, or a citation you must report it as soon as possible.

    All documentation should be copied and provided to the Safety Department within 24 hours. This can be handled by sending the documents through TransFlo (preferred), faxing, or hand delivering copies to a Safety Manager.  

    It doesn’t matter how minor you think the incident is; it must be reported.

    Other items which should be reported in a timely manner are: injuries, illness, mechanical issues, conditions which may make on-time delivery impossible.


  2. The Value of Time

    Feb 17

    Posted in Safety

    The Value of Time     

    How long does it take to do a Pre-Trip? How long does it take to Get Out and Look when Backing, or to properly hook to a Trailer, or to check clearance under an overhang or bridge? Take the time to complete the task fully, it’s worth it.

    How long will you be shut down by the DOT when they find the violations you missed because you didn’t do a Pre-Trip? How long will you be when you damage something because you didn’t Get Out and Look to check for clearance?

    How long will you be sitting after a crash because you didn’t give the few extra seconds of following distance, or decided to speed because you didn’t plan your time, or let yourself become distracted and didn’t see the dangers seconds ahead of you? Time can be your best asset or your worst nightmare.

    Do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it, and document the time. Don’t forget to take the time to buckle your seat belt or use three points of contact. Don’t take short cuts. Short cuts can end up cutting yours or someone else’s time short.


    Make sure you check this list:

    1.Permit book neat and complete with an UNEXPIRED tractor registration (matches Vin# of tractor too), unexpired insurance card, unexpired permits, Hours of Service Quick Reference Card, VIR Quick Reference Card, NEW ELD Reference Cards, Pre-Trip Inspection checklist, Bridge Laws and Chain Laws. IF A MEMBER OF THE SAFETY DEPARTMENT HASN’T CHECKED YOUR PERMIT BOOK SINCE 2/9/18 THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THAT YOU MAY HAVE SOME MISSING OR EXPIRED ITEMS!

    2.CDL and med card current; company and your licensed state must have current copies. Does your state have your current self-certification?

    3.A blank Log book available in case E-Logs become inoperative.

    4.Plate on the truck is current and matches the registration. Trailer Registration current and matches the plate.

    5.The Emergency Response Guidebook in the driver’s door pocket (within arm’s reach without the need to unbuckle the seat belt).

    6.If HazMat endorsed the Hazardous Materials Compliance Pocketbook is also in the driver’s door pocket.

    7.Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook present.

    8.Spare Fuses, Three Emergency Triangles, and a fully charged and secured fire extinguisher.

    9.Check the Annual Inspection sticker; present and unexpired.

    10.Check the 2018 IFTA stickers; present on both sides of the tractor.

    11.If you travel into NY: HUT Sticker valid.


    Do you take loads to the west side of the Mississippi River? Do you have chains?

    Check it TWICE, then check it again; if you are missing anything contact your DM immediately.

  4. Safe Choices

    Feb 15

    Posted in Safety

    Safe Choices

    Unfortunately, outside factors can have a negative impact on your decision making. Don’t let missing a turn or running late for an appointment upset you and shift your attention from safety.

    Don’t let the temptation to try to beat a traffic light win out over good judgement. Often the difference between Success and Failure is our determination to make the safer choices.

  5. Healthy Heart Reminder on Valentine’s Day

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

    About 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year – that’s one in every four deaths.

    To prevent heart disease:

    1. Eat a healthy diet

    2. Maintain a healthy weight

    3. Exercise regularly

    4. Don’t smoke

    5. Limit alcohol use

  6. The October 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  7. The September 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  8. The August 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  9. We are currently looking to fill a Logistics Support position in our Lakeland, FL facility.  The position is responsible for providing administrative support to the Logistics/Brokerage team by entering new carrier packets, processing paperwork, tracking loads, data entry, partnering with customer service on loads, and other administrative duties. Two or more years customer service experience required. Logistics brokerage experience preferred.  Must have excellent communication skills and be detail-orienated.  To apply, send your resume to:

  10. We are looking for Technicians for our busy shops in Ellenwood, GA, Grand Rapids, MI and Somerset, KY.  Ideal candidates will have tractor and/or trailer maintenance experience and their own tools.  $1,500 sign-on bonus!!! If interested in applying for a Technician position, send your resume to:

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