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  1. Backing

    Sep 24

    Posted in Safety


    Because you cannot see everything behind your vehicle, backing is always dangerous. Avoid backing whenever you can. When you park, try to park so you will be able to pull forward when you leave. When you have to back, here are a few simple safety rules:

    • Get Out and Look – GOAL; and if needed do it again, and again.
    • Use your warning devices: Lights, emergency flashers, and horn.
    • Start in the proper position.Try to set-up to back straight, if unable to do so, then use sight side backing. Blind side backing should be a last resort.
    • Don’t just focus on the back of your trailer, scan the sides and the front of your vehicle too. Use all your mirrors.
    • Back slowly; 1mph is the suggested speed.  This gives you time to correct your mistakes and for others to warn you or get out of the way!
  2. Proper Rest

    Sep 23

    Posted in Safety

    Proper Rest

    Use your 10 hour break as it is intended – at least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth (required by Federal Regulation) getting good, quality rest.

    Make sure you take your required 30 minute breaks - Do not go past 8 hours from the time you start your day.

    When you're tired, or low on energy, you have a greater risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Your number one priority while driving is staying alert and attentive. It will help if you are well rested.

    Avoid eye fatigue by varying the focus of your concentration by keeping your eyes moving and not staring at a single point in front of you. Scanning your mirrors every 5-8 seconds will also relieve eye fatigue and increase your awareness.

    To avoid becoming too tired, stop the truck at a safe location, get out and stretch your legs, eat a healthy meal, and drink some water to stay hydrated.

    The key to success is trip preparation, adequate rest, avoiding distractions and taking interruptions in stride.End of Article

  3. Fifth Wheel Pin Pullers

    Sep 22

    Posted in Safety

    Fifth Wheel Pin Pullers

    Reaching under a semi-truck and generating enough power to release the king pin can be injurious.  These injuries include back strain, shoulder strain, and worst of all, torn rotator cuffs. 

    You can reduce your risk of injury by using a Fifth Wheel Puller to release the King Pin. This will allow the correct posture and leverage to deliver the most power and lessen your chance of injury.

    If you are currently in the habit of using a puller, keep up the good work and tell fellow drivers about the advantages of King Pin Pullers.

    If you do not use a puller, please get into the habit of doing so. 

  4. Protect Your Eyes

    Sep 21

    Posted in Safety

    Protect Your Eyes

    Each day 2,000 US workers are treated for an on the job eye injury. Anytime you are in a situation where you are at increased risk for eye injury wear properly fitting safety glasses. This includes anytime you are in a Super Service shop.

    Everyone, regardless of their particular work situation is at risk for transmitting an infectious disease through the eye. To reduce this risk for yourself and others, avoid touching your eyes, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and follow good hand washing practices.

  5. Driver’s Daily Checklist

    □Log Legal all changes of duty status with remarks

    □Drive Safely

    □Get proper rest

    □Pre-Trip Inspection

    □Post Trip Inspection

    □Tire Check & walk around every 200 miles

    □Assure yourself the equipment is in good, working condition

    □Keep a safe following distance

    □Keep a safe speed

    □Obey all posted traffic signs

    □Never assume, always anticipate

    □Be a professional day in and day out



  6. Super Service, LLC is currently seeking a professional individual to fill the position of Breakdown Coordinator in Ellenwood, GA or Somerset, KY. The ideal candidate will be detail oriented, have strong clerical experience, and excellent communication skills.  This position is responsible for taking emergency breakdown calls from Truck Drivers and guiding them through the breakdown procedure. Demonstrated problem solving skills and a minimum 2 or more year’s customer service experience in a high volume call center required.  Knowledge of truck/trailer repairs beneficial but not required.  Must be able to type a minimum of 35 wpm.  If interested, send your resume to:

  7. We are currently seeking a Load Planner.  Ideal candidate will have 2 or more years dispatch experience and experience with equipment utilization and load planning.  You will be responsible for planning freight for a specified region of the country.  To apply send resume to:


  8. We are currently looking to add a Driver Recruiter to any of the following terminal locations:  Ellenwood, GA / Somerset, KY / Grand Rapids, MI.  Ideal candidates will have a minimum of one year experience recruiting OTR Truck Drivers, knowledge of driver recruiting strategies, and the demonstrated ability to meet recruiting goals.  We offer a competitive base salary and generous recruiting bonuses.  If interested, send your resume to:

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