To All Employees, 

Here are key dates and reminders with the upcoming renewal for January 1, 2019.  Please read carefully
Enrollment and Call Center dates: November 13th – 19th

  • Call center and enrollment instructions will be provided on November 12th
  • Make sure you review the two disclosures for the call center enrollment.  MN Disclosure and HIPPA Doc

The call center will not continue unless you have acknowledged you have received the disclosures.  

  • To finish dependent enrollment you must have dependent’s social security number and date of birth.

Dependent Verification forms: Due by December 5th  – See attached for further details

                        Email: or Fax: 616-588-6391

Legal Spouse: Marriage license AND the first page of the most recently filed federal tax return (Form 1040) that includes the spouse. If married filing separately, submit the first page of both federal tax returns. For privacy, please black out all financial information. Second option is submitting a current bill with both names on file with your current address.
Natural Child: A copy of the child’s birth certificate showing the employee as a parent.
Stepchild: A copy of the child’s birth certificate showing the name of the natural parent AND proof that the natural parent and employee are married, as described under “Legal Spouse” above.
2019 Open Enrollment Reminders

  • It is very important to be engaged this open enrollment.  Your current elections will NOT be automatically transferred to 2019.  If you wish to retain benefits an election must be made.
  • All eligible employees will have to make an election or waive benefits.