Is My Driving Safe?

Jun 08

Posted in Safety

Is My Driving Safe?

Super Service LLC utilizes a company called “Is My Driving Safe” to observeand often videotapeour drivers’ behaviors out on the road. During an observation there will be three check points. Each check point measures key elements: truck speed vs. posted speed limit, following distance, road conditions, and road topography. The observer will also note whether you had your lights on, used your turn signals, had your seat belt on, etc. Many of the observations are conducted by off duty or possibly on duty DOT officers, so there is always the possibility that if they observe bad behaviors you can receive a citation and/or DOT Inspection.

Additional, feedback about driving behavior comes from a variety of sources including motor vehicle reports, accident reports and roadside violations to name a few. However, the driver should be the most influential source about their driving. They have the most to lose if involved in a crash or multiple driving citations. And, regulated drivers roadside violations can be reviewed by prospective employers that could determine employability in the future. Only you know how many chances you are willing to take while driving.

No matter where the information is obtained, the ultimate goal is to reduce violations and keep our drivers safe.