Jun 09

Posted in Safety


We often talk about being a “defensive driver.” What is a defensive driver and what are some habits of a defensive driver?

The defensive driver tries to recognize potentially hazardous situations sufficiently in advance to allow time to safely maneuver past them. The defensive driver assumes other drivers may make mistakes and is on guard in the event an error is made. The defensive driver searches ahead to have advance warning of approaching hazards.

Habits for a defensive driver:

Learns to recognize driving situations which can be hazardous.

Assumes other drivers will make errors.

Adjusts speed, position, direction, and attention to be able to maneuver safely if a hazard develops.

Scans far enough ahead to be able to react safely to approaching situations.

Scans frequently to the sides and rear for passing or approaching vehicles.

Scans thoroughly before changing speed, changing lanes, entering an intersection, or making a turn.