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  1. A Few Policy Reminders:

    Feb 26

    Posted in Safety

    A Few Policy Reminders:

    -You must have written permission from the Director of Maintenance to install any non-stock equipment. Drivers are not permitted to alter the interior or exterior in any fashion or tamper with anything under the hood.

    -Do not install Brodie/Spinner/Suicide knobs on the steering wheel, most states consider them dangerous and illegal on a commercial vehicle. FMCSA regulations only allow their use if it helps to overcome a disability (must be noted on CDL and/or medical certification).

    -Do not add any decals or stickers to the outside of your vehicle other than those applied by the company or are on there to meet federal and/or state regulations.

    -Inverters may only be installed by authorized Super Service Shops; to insure correct and to minimize danger. You buy the inverter, breaker and the wiring kit; company installs without charge. The inverter must be 1500 watts or less.

    -Federal Regulations require you to have a valid, unexpired Passenger authorization form on your truck should you choose to have a passenger.

    -You must have a valid pet authorization form, should you choose to have a dog (only authorized pet allowed by Super Service) on your truck. You must provide updates on required shots and vaccinations.


    Trucks can be inspected at any time for any reason(s) to include but not limited to: cleanliness, alterations, unauthorized paraphernalia, weapons, unauthorized passengers, or unauthorized pets.

  2. SIPDE – Remember?

    Feb 25

    Posted in Safety

    SIPDE – Remember?

    The SIPDE process is a system taught in most high school Driver's Education classes to help drivers drive safely. The acronym stands for:

    S—Sweep, Search, and Scan (keep your eyes moving at all times to effectively see imminent danger).
    I—Identify hazards, Identify what's happening (road-way features) (take notice of things that could cause trouble).
    P—Predict which hazards could potentially come into conflict with you; predict 2 things 1- the worst case scenario and 2- what actions others might take.
    D—Decide on your safe action (decide on something you should to do should the dog run across the road).
    E—Execute the safe action; use communication (turn signal, tap the horn, etc.).

  3. The Driver’s Creed

    Feb 24

    Posted in Safety

    The Driver’s Creed

    I am the one who makes allowances for the lack of skill and knowledge on the part of the other driver.

    I recognize I have no control over the unpredictable actions of other drivers, pedestrians, road conditions, or weather therefore I develop a defense against all of these hazards.

    I concede my right of way and make other concessions in order to avoid a collision.  I am careful not to commit driving errors myself, and I am constantly alert to avoid accident traps and hazards created by weather, roads, pedestrians, and other drivers.

    I will do everything in my powerto make it home to the ones I care about most; and who care about me!

  4. ***Frost Laws in Effect***

    Seasonal restrictions on weight limits and speeds on roadways due to thaw weakening are still in effect! If you see a sign stating Seasonal Weight (Load) Limits in Effect, do not exit or turn onto this road. Fines are usually in the 1000’s of dollars; in some cases drivers have been arrested (no one wants an arrest record).

    In climates that experience belowfreezing temperatures, damage to roads from thaw-weakening have led to many U.S. states and especially county jurisdictions to enact laws that restrict vehicle loads during spring months, when road structures are thawing in a manner that limits water from escaping the soil structure, thereby weakening the pavement underpinnings.

    The U.S. States of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota, for example, during the months of February through June may reduce legal axle weights of vehicles by up to 35%. Some areas also require heavy vehicles to travel a maximum of 35 miles per hour, regardless of the posted limit.

    On the internet you can research which counties have Frost Laws in effect:

  5. We are currently looking for a Driver Manager for our SE Region business based out of Ellenwood, GA.  Ideal candidate will have 2 or more years truck dispatch experience and supervisory experience.  Experience with Qualcomm and AS400 preferred.  You will be responsible for managing a group of 40-50 truck drivers to ensure the safe, legal, on-time delivery of customer freight.  To apply, send you resume to:

  6. We are currently seeking a Driver Manager for our corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.  Ideal candidate will have 2 or more years truck dispatch and supervisory experience.  Experience with Qualcomm and AS400 preferred.  You will be responsible for managing and dispatching a group of 40-50 truck drivers to ensure the safe, legal, on-time delivery of customer freight.  To apply send your resume to:

  7. Winter Driving

    Feb 22

    Posted in Safety

    Winter Driving

    Watch your speed. In poor weather conditions, the speed limit is not a safe speed; SLOW DOWN!

    Leave a safe braking distance between you and the vehicle ahead.

    Stay alert. Remain calm and patient.

    If visibility is decreasing rapidly, do not stop on the road. Look for an opportunity to pull off the road into a safe parking area and wait for conditions to improve.

    Before you drive, and during your trip, check weather forecasts and road reports. If there is a weather warning or reports of poor visibility and driving conditions, delay your trip until conditions improve. Communicate any delays with dispatch.

  8. We are currently looking for a CSR for our Somerset, KY or Lebanon, TN terminals.  Responsibilities include: maintaining and growing a set group of customer accounts, building relationshps, relaying information on shipments/deliveries, scheduling and booking freight, monitoring trailer pools, and performing other duties as necesary.  Must have a mimimum of 3 years customer service expereince (preferably in the transportation industry) and 1 year of inside sales experience.  If interested, send your resume to:

  9. The February 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  10. We are currently looking for an analytical, highly detailed and process-oriented candidate for the position of Jr Financial Analyst.  The position is full-time.  Primary responsbility of the position is to assist the Sr Financial Analyst by creating and maintaining spreadsheets and analyzing areas of opportunity and proposing solutions to challenges.  Examples of areas to be reviewed would include: 1) changes in rates, (2) equipment utilization, (3) benefits of utilizing toll roads, (4) fuel optimization and (5) dedicated freight opportunities.  The ideal candidate will be project-oriented, have strong math skills, advanced Microsoft Excel skills and possess a degree in Accounting, Finance, or Logistics Management.  To apply, send your resume to:

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