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  1. No Unapproved Heating/Cooking Sources

    Although it is nice to have the light, heat and smell of a candle and the heat from other sources, our offices as well as our trucks are not equipped nor the place for these items. We have had incidents in both our offices as well as our trucks from devices which create heat. No device with a flame, either open like a candle or enclosed like a propane heater is allowed to be used in our trucks or offices. All other heating devices (non flame) used in either location must be of limited use, approved by maintenance and have an auto shutoff feature.


    **The shop areas are allowed use of propane devices as authorized by Maintenance Director.

  2. Patience and Attitude

    Jan 19

    Posted in Safety

    Patience and Attitude

    Be patient; do not let the behavior of others change your attitude about driving safely and making safe driving choices.

  3. Slips, Trips and Falls

    Jan 18

    Posted in Safety

    Slips, Trips and Falls

    Slip, trip and fall accidents happen to over 13 million people in the United States each year and account for nearly 20 percent of injuries at work.

    Falls occur on ramps, in parking lots, on walking surfaces and in garages, wash bays and fuel area. Changes in elevation such as steps leading into a warehouse or loading ramps leading into a trailer can be the cause of a fall. Uneven surfaces, poor lighting/visibility, unfamiliar location, ice, snow and rain are other causes, as well as spilled fuels and oils mixed with water and soapy wet floors in restrooms and showers. They also occur when climbing in and out of a tractor or trailer.

    Be sure to look before exiting or entering a truck cab and use the THREE POINTS OF CONTACT when climbing on equipment. Three limbs must be in contact with the vehicle or climbing apparatus at all times, preferably on a hand hold and step or rung. Use the entire hand to grip the hand holds and face the equipment. Jumping from equipment must be avoided!

    Check deck plates regularly and get repairs when faulty; keep trailer floors in good shape and dispose of string, shrink wrap, dunnage and other debris both in and around trucks, trailers and shipping docks.

    Wear sturdy footwear with slip-resistant soles.

  4. Are You Eating a Crash Diet?

    If you are eating in your vehicle while driving, you are focusing on your food and not on your driving. You are not only chewing and swallowing; you are also opening packages, unwrapping and re-wrapping food, reaching, leaning, spilling, wiping, and cleaning yourself or your vehicle. These are quite a number of distractions for one driver on one trip. You are safer when you stop to eat or drink. Allow yourself plenty of time to stop, rest from driving, and enjoy your meal.

    Safe Drivers do not Dashboard Dine!!!

  5. On-Duty:Log It Right-Avoid Violation

    1) All time at a plant, terminal, facility, or other property of a motor carrier or shipper, or on any public property - waiting to be dispatched, unless the driver has been relieved from duty by the motor carrier;

    2) All time performing Pre-Trip, Post trip or any type of inspection, servicing, or conditioning any CMV at any time;

    3) All time loading or unloading a CMV, supervising, or assisting in the loading or unloading, attending a CMV being loaded or unloaded, remaining in readiness to operate the CMV, or in giving or receiving receipts for shipments loaded or unloaded;

    4) All time repairing, obtaining assistance, or remaining in attendance upon a disabled CMV;

    5) All time spent on shoulder of road or ramp (only for emergency breakdown, emergency medical, or pulled over by an officer); this includes Roadside Inspections, issuance of a warning or citation;

    6) All time spent when stopped at DOT weigh/inspection station; this includes time put Out-of-Service (unless officer and motor carrier gives written permission to go Off Duty/Sleeper Berth).

    7) All time spent providing a breath sample or urine specimen, including travel time to and from the collection site, to comply with the random, reasonable suspicion, post-crash, or follow-up testing required when directed by a motor carrier;

    8) Performing any other work in the capacity, employ, or service of motor carrier.

    Log it as it happens and include the remarks!

    Also make sure you are filling in and editing theLOAD Information before you move.Press the Hours of Service/VIR button, LOAD tab.

  6. The October 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  7. The September 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  8. The August 2017 edition of the Super Service Newsletter is now available!

  9. We are currently looking to fill a Logistics Support position in our Lakeland, FL facility.  The position is responsible for providing administrative support to the Logistics/Brokerage team by entering new carrier packets, processing paperwork, tracking loads, data entry, partnering with customer service on loads, and other administrative duties. Two or more years customer service experience required. Logistics brokerage experience preferred.  Must have excellent communication skills and be detail-orienated.  To apply, send your resume to:

  10. We are looking for Technicians for our busy shops in Ellenwood, GA, Grand Rapids, MI and Somerset, KY.  Ideal candidates will have tractor and/or trailer maintenance experience and their own tools.  $1,500 sign-on bonus!!! If interested in applying for a Technician position, send your resume to:

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