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  1. Windshield/Dash Cleanliness

    Take an honest look: Is it trashy or neat, cluttered or tidy, dirty or clean?

    A driver's recent encounter with Georgia DOT says the officer stated “when inspecting trucks, a dirty windshield with trash on the dash is usually the first to be inspected and if a driver is running so hard as not to wash his or her windows, they are probably not current on their log books, or they have expired permits, registrations, and other violations."


    In addition to what’s on the dash, make sure your windshield is clear of objects. The new PrePass Plus is supposed to be mounted 2” right of center and 2-3” above the dash (it should not be at the top of the windshield!).  A GPS can be mounted within the top 6” center portion of your windshield, but a proactive approach is to have a cup holder mount. Phones should not be mounted (reading text messages or looking to see who is calling is an unnecessary distraction; let it ring and go to voice mail – call them back when you are safely parked).

  2. Permit Books/Credentials

    Feb 27

    Posted in Safety

    Permit Books/Credentials

    How often do you check your permit book? Despite multiple messages regarding this, it seems each month 1 or more drivers will receive a violation in relation to their permit book or credentials.

    All drivers are responsible for their Permit Books and the contents. Super Service Permit Books are 3 ring binders, and the contents should be in page protector sheets. It is extremely important that the contents are in a neat orderly fashion. As a driver you should check the contents at least once a month for expiration dates. Each terminal has copies of the current permits for you to update your permit books. You should NEVER have any expired permits, insurance cards or registrations in your permit book.

    Check equipment for current plates, IFTA stickers, NYHUT, PM Inspection stickers, and registrations.  Check your personal credentials and renew before they expire; CDL’s, and med cards (make sure your licensed state has the most recent copy w/self certification).

    Is your Emergency Response Book within arms reach?  Do you have a blank log book in case the Elog malfunctions and cannot be repaired until seen by a shop?

    If in doubt have a member of the Safety Dept check your permit book. 


    Feb 26

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    A jackknife occurs when a skidding wheel(s) outrun a rolling wheel(s). Therefore, to avoid a jackknife accident, you must keep the wheels turning. If a set of wheels locks up, the driver could lose control of the equipment if a sideways skid occurs. He/she may regain control by releasing the brakes and allow the wheels to roll (it may even be necessary to apply the accelerator).

    A trailer skid resulting in a jackknife is rare because of the time it takes for a trailer to come around and pass a tractor.

    If a jackknife has progressed beyond a 15 degree angle it is usually too great for a driver to regain control, but don’t give up on the effort!

    A drive wheel skid may occur if the drive wheels lose traction and “spin”, such as on ice. Do not slam on the brakes as this will make matters worse. Instead, the drive wheels must be made to turn the same speed as the truck is traveling. This can be obtained by letting off the accelerator just enough to regain rolling traction.

    THE BEST SOLUTION IS PREVENTION! Be aware of the possibility of “iced over” roadways and be prepared. In poor conditions slow down, increase following distance, and park the truck if conditions are not safe to drive in.


    Feb 25

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    Many accidents happen during lane changes. It is the driver’s responsibility to clean and adjust all of the mirrors on the tractor so he/she can see all traffic behind and down the sides of the tractor and trailer. Drivers must also make a mental note of all vehicles passed and be sure the lane is clear of all traffic and obstructions. Drivers must put their turn signal on two-hundred feet before starting a lane change. Two-hundred feet should be about 6-10 blinks of your signal at 55mph. Check, double check, and recheck your mirrors before changing lanes.

  5. License Requirements

    Feb 24

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    License Requirements

    A valid CDL is required for employment as a truck driver. Drivers with expired or suspended licenses may not be dispatched until their license is restored.  If a 2nd occurrence of a suspended CDL occurs within a 36 month period it will result in disciplinary action up to an including termination.

    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require you to notify the motor carrier of any revocation or suspension of your CDL.  In addition, any time you violate a state or local traffic law, you must report it to the motor carrier.

    Keep in mind, driving with a suspended or revoked CDL can also lead to your arrest.

  6. Driver’s Creed

    Feb 23

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    The Driver’s Creed

    I AM THE ONE who makes allowances for the lack of skill and knowledge on the part of the other driver.

    I RECOGNIZE I have no control over the unpredictable actions of other drivers, pedestrians, road conditions, or weather therefore I develop a defense against all of these hazards.

    I CONCEDE my right of way and make other concessions in order to avoid a collision.  I am careful not to commit driving errors myself, and I am constantly alert to avoid accident traps and hazards created by weather, roads, pedestrians, and other drivers.

  7. Coasting & Over-speeding

    Feb 22

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    Coasting & Over-speeding

    The practices of engine coasting and over-speeding are strictly forbidden. Coasting is defined as operating a tractor unit out of gear and/or clutch depressed to allow the unit to operate over the Company speed limit of 62mph or 65mph (depending on the make/model of the truck).  Engine over-speeding is defined as failing to use the tractor/trailer braking systems and engine brake to control the vehicle properly and allowing the weight of the units and the downhill grade to forcibly push the engines rpm’s past the governed rpm range. These are both extremely dangerous practices which results in engine and drive train failures as well as unsafe, out of control and unlawful vehicle operation.

    Directing, paying, or bartering someone to alter the speed of the truck for you will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

  8. Trailer Injury Protection     

    FIFTH WHEEL RELEASE LEVER: When possible use a fifth wheel puller extension rod. Face the trailer so as not to be in a twisted position when pulling. Ease the tension on your fifth wheel release by moving tractor ½-1 inch back toward trailer; this will allow the release to be smoother, and should not require as much strength or strain to perform the task.

    TRAILER SLIDER LOCK PINS: You may have to move the trailer ½” forward or back to make it easier to move the release bar. Have your body squared away to avoid twisted movements.

    CRANKING DOLLIES: Always stand up straight (or bend at the knees). Keep your head and body away from the crank. Do not strain your body by standing in a twisted position. If the dollies are in a bind (not on level ground) you must be extra careful as the crank may go forward or backward due to the bind. If you cannot within reason crank the dollies call maintenance, get help.

    TRAILER DOORS: When opening trailer doors you should always keep both hands on the door at all times, if there is strong winds you must be in control to avoid severe damage to your body. Never swing the door open or closed; walk it through the opening or closing to their secured position.

    ENTERING & EXITING: Always use 3 Points of Contact, wear protective gear (gloves and closed toe, rubber sole, treaded, oil resistant shoes).

    Bend at the knees; back straight. 

  9. Inclement Weather

    Feb 20

    Posted in Safety

    Inclement Weather

    Many accidents occur when a driver is operating in severe weather conditions. Super Service, LLC would prefer the driver pull off the road to a safe parking location and wait out the storm or other unsafe conditions rather than putting yourself or others at risk of an accident. 

    The driver’s safety and the safety of the motoring public are more important than delivery schedules.

    When the weather is inclement you need to use your best judgment.

    If you do not feel safe or the conditions are beyond your level of experience (don’t try to be a “superman or superwoman”) – STOP!

    Find a safe place to park and contact dispatch to report your exact location.


    There are no winners when it comes to an Inclement Weather Crash

  10. Concerning all Super Service LLC employee’s currently enrolled or who have been enrolled in the past in our Medical Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

    As you may or may not be aware Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has had a recent security breach of some personal information.  If you live in or received medical treatment in one of the 14 states listed below it is possible some of your information could have compromised.  Anthem is offering credit monitoring / identity theft repair to members affected by the breach.  See the notice below fromAnthem for details, you will work directly with them to enroll.



    Anthem offers two years of credit monitoring and identity theft repair for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network members affected by the Anthem cyber-attack

    BCBSM and BCN members whose personal information may have been compromised by the cyber-attack against Anthem, can begin to enroll in two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft repair provided by Anthem through AllClear ID. More information about these services is on

    On Feb. 5, 2015, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – a separate company from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan but one we are affiliated with through the national Blue Cross and Blue Shield system – announced that it was the target of a cyber-attack. The attackers gained unauthorized access to Anthem’s IT system and obtained access to personal information, including names, birthdays, medical IDs and employment information. Some Social Security numbers were also involved. BCBSM systems were not targeted in this cyber attack.

    BCBSM began its own investigation of the incident immediately upon learning of it. We are in the process of identifying BCBSM- and BCN-covered individuals whose information was stored at Anthem. This effort is underway, and we are committed to communicating with affected members through their employers or groups.

    The credit monitoring and identity theft repair are now available free of charge to BCBSM and BCN members who believe they may have be affected.BCBSM or BCN current and former members (2004 on) could have been affected if they live in – or recently traveled to and received health care services – in one of the 14 states where Anthem is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield licensee.

    The following is a list of states where Anthem is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield licensee.

    • California
    • Colorado
    • Connecticut
    • Georgia
    • Indiana
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • Kentucky
    • Maine
    • Missouri
    • Nevada
    • New Hampshire
    • Virginia
    • Wisconsin

    Anthem’s enrollment process will ask a few questions to help it determine whether you may have been affected by the cyber-attack so you can decide if you want the services. The site asks you to verify you are a current or former Anthem member or member of another Blue Cross plan, and asks you to enter your name and email address. A confirmation email will be sent within 72 hours. Separate redemption codes are needed for each family member. For each member, submit a new request with their full name. You may use the same email address for each request. The bottom line is that any of our members who believe they were affected and want the credit monitoring and identity theft repair will get it.

    The free identity services provided by Anthem include:

    • Credit Monitoring: At no cost, members may also enroll in credit monitoring, which alerts consumers when banks and creditors use their identity to open new credit accounts.
    • Identity Theft Repair Assistance: Should a member experience fraud, an investigator will do the work to recover financial losses, restore the member’s credit, and ensure the member’s identity is returned to its proper condition. This assistance will cover any fraud that has occurred since the incident first began.
    • Child Identity Protection: Child-specific identity protection services will also be offered to any members with children insured through their Anthem plan.

    Identity theft repair services are available to members who feel they have experienced fraud. For members who have been impacted by the cyber-attack, these services are automatically available and do not require enrollment. Please visit to learn how to access these services.

    Additional protection is available through credit monitoring services. This requires a member to actively enroll because the member must provide their personal information and consent to have their credit monitored. Members can enroll at any time during the 24-month coverage period, and can learn how to sign up at

    Going online is strongly encouraged, but those who do not have access to the Internet can call Anthem’s established toll-free information number, 1-877-263-7995, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Saturday, to ask for assistance to begin the enrollment process for credit monitoring. The member should receive a reference number from the call center so that AllClear ID can call the member within one to three business days to complete the enrollment process. This is also the number to call to get in touch with an AllClear ID specialist should a member need assistance for identity theft repair.

    BCBSM or BCN members who might have been affected do not have to wait for a letter notification from Anthem in order to enroll in the credit monitoring or to access identity theft repair services.

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