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  1. Pre-Trip Inspection – Side & Behind Cab

    • Mirrors: not damaged, mounted securely.
    • Doors, hinges, and door seals: not damaged, open and close properly.
    • Fuel tanks: securely mounted; no leaks fuel cap seals properly. Crossover line protected; other fuel lines secure.
    • Batteries: holder securely attached, battery properly secured in holder and covered. No excessive corrosion at terminals.
    • Driveshaft – no obvious defects.
    • Exhaust – secured, no leaks, no contact with air lines, fuel lines, wiring or other combustible materials.
    • Frame/cross members – not bent, cracked or broken.
    • Splash Guards: not damaged and mounted securely.
    • Ties, straps, load locks, chains: properly secured.
    • Steps and catwalks: not damaged and securely mounted.
  2. Pre-Trip Inspection: Tractor - External

    •  Lights: high and low beams, turn signals, 4-ways, marker lights and reflectors all working, no damaged or missing lenses.
    •  Windshield: no cracks or damage.
    •  Fluid Levels/belts: Oil, coolant, power steering levels above minimum. Alternator and Air Compressor no missing parts, belt tension correct and not frayed.
    •  Steering Box/Hoses: securely mounted, not leaking, or chafing. No missing nuts, bolts, or cotter pins.
    •  Steering Linkage: connecting links, arms and rods from the steering box not worn or cracked. Check joints and sockets are not worn or loose. No missing nuts bolts or cotter pins.
    •  Springs/Air/Torque: no missing, shifted, cracked or broken leaf springs. No broken or distorted coil springs. Torsion bars, torque arms, or other suspension components mounted securely and not damaged. Air bags inflated properly and not leaking.
    •  Mounts: Insure there are no cracked or broken spring hangers, no missing or damaged bushings, no loose or broken U-bolts or other axle mounting parts.
    •  Shocks: Securely mounted and not leaking.
    •  Slack Adjusters: no broken, loose or missing parts. The angle between the push rod and adjuster arm slightly past 90 degrees when brakes are released, and 90 degrees when the brakes are applied. With the brakes released, and pulled by hand, the movement should be less than 1”.
    •  Brake Chambers: no leaks, cracks, or dents; mounted securely.
    •  Wheels/Tires/Hubs – no cracks, bent rims or broken studs, loose or missing lugs. Tires properly inflated; valve stem not touching wheel, rim or brake drum; valve caps in place; no bulges, deep cuts, uneven wear. Hubs – no leaks.
  3. Credentials

    May 21

    Posted in Safety



    Drivers are responsible for making sure all their credentials, the truck’s credentials, and the trailer’s credentials are in order. Driver’s License current, med card current (has the self certification for the licensed state been done?), permit book current, registration current, DOT Quick Reference cards in permit book, emergency response guidebook within arms reach of the driver’s seat, blank log book on hand.

    Plate on the vehicle (does it match the registration, and does the registration match the VIN# for the vehicle?), all required stickers current and in place, IFTA, HUT, and Annual Inspection(current?).



    May 20

    Posted in Safety


    It’s better to lose one minute in life…than to lose life in a minute.


    Watch what’s above you too!

    Sometimes as drivers we miss a turn, or realize we must make a decision to turn around.

    Finding a location to do so pulling a 53 ft trailer can be difficult at times.

    One choice drivers make is a convenient store, or corner local gas station.

    Remember, these are NOT TRUCK STOPS. Most of these canopies are not Semi Trailer approved heights!

    Do not go under residential canopy unless you know the height rating, or ask the manager if needed.

    Think of it as a low bridge, or overpass.

    You wouldn’t go under a low overpass without knowing the clearance would you?

    Preferably, do not go under residential canopy at all. Just like backing, don’t do it, unless you have to, and you have the clearance!

    Also, when backing, do not look at just the rear of the trailer, or near the bottom of the mirror.

    Double check the top of the mirror too!

    Always be aware of overhead or high obstacles as well; Canopies, wires, sides of roofs, and overhangs.

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