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    AAA predicts that 50.9 million Americans will travel over the holiday, a 3.3 percent increase over 2016 and the most since 2005. The auto club credits a growing economy and low unemployment for putting people in the traveling mood.  

    More than 45 million will travel by car between today and this Sunday after Thanksgiving.

    Inspect your vehicle diligently before heading out. Plan your route and give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Slow down. Increase your following distance. Check your mirrors often. Be Alert! Be Safe!


  2. What to do Following a DOT Inspection

    Federal Regulation Part 396(d) (1): The driver who receives an Driver/Vehicle Examination report (DOT Inspection) shall deliver a copy to the motor carrier within 24 hours, the driver shall immediately fax, or otherwise transmit the report to the motor carrier if he/she will not be at a terminal within the 24 hours.

    The easiest way to turn in copies of the documentation is to send it via TransFlo (USE A COVER SHEET). Send a message to your DM immediately after you are inspected. Send the TransFlo as soon as possible & another message with the Confirmation #. You may also fax the documents to 404-795-0887.

    **NOTE: if any mechanical defects are listed on the report they must be repaired. Out of Service items need to be fixed at the place of inspection. All other defects must be repaired before the equipment can be dispatched on another load. Whenever there is any defect, send a Macro 14 immediately following the inspection and work with Emergency Road Support and your DM to get ALL the items fixed. Trailers w/ defects are not to be dropped at a customer facility without permission from Emergency Road Support.

    If you make the repairs, send a message over the Qualcomm noting exactly what you did to repair the item. If parts were purchased, copies of receipts should be included with the Inspection.

    One more reminder: The time you are being inspected must be logged as On Duty. If you are placed Out of Service, waiting for repairs at the DOT Station or on the side of the road, you must log the time as On Duty (unless you have documented permission from the DOT Officer).

    Violation free inspections, properly logged and turned in = $50 bonus for company drivers.

  3. Coupling Guidelines

    Nov 20

    Posted in Safety

    Coupling Guidelines

    • Inspect fifth wheel-no cracks, or missing bolts, well lubricated, jaws open, tilted back.
    • Be sure area around vehicle is clear (G.O.A.L.).          
    • Position tractor.
    • Use your mirrors.
    • Tap the horn; back slowly with 4 ways on until fifth wheel just touches the apron of the trailer – tires should be about 3” inside the edges of the trailer.
    • Secure your tractor brakes.
    • Visually check trailer height.
    • Visually check fifth wheel/kingpin alignment.
    • Connect air lines to trailer.
    • Supply air to trailer.
    • Lock trailer brakes.
    • Back under the trailer.
    • Check connection for security – tug test.
    • Secure the brakes.
    • Visually inspect coupling – no gap, locking jaw around king pin, 5th wheel handle in the locked position.
    • Connect electrical and double check air lines.
    • Raise landing gear. Do air leak and brake tests and finish pre-tripping the equipment.

  4. 12 Tips for Driving in Winter

    1. Before starting, remove any ice & snow from the windshield, windows, mirrors, hand holds, steps, deck plates, lights, and radiator shutters.

    2. Make sure the cooling system is full and there is enough anti-freeze in the system.

    3. Make sure the defrosters and heaters are working.

    4. Make sure the wiper blades work and the windshield washer operates (wiper fluid containing alcohol should not freeze).

    5. Check your tire tread & inflation.

    6. If you are west of the Mississippi, make sure you have the right number of, good condition, tire chains on your truck.

    7. Make sure the lights, reflectors, and signals are in good working condition & clean.

    8. Start gently and slowly. Do not hurry. Get the feel of the road.

    9. Drive slowly and smoothly. If the road is very slippery, you should not drive at all. Stop at the first safe place.

    10. Make turns as gently as possible. Do not brake any harder than necessary. Do not use engine brakes or cruise control.

    11. Be aware as the temperature rises and ice begins to melt, the road can become more slippery. Slow down more.

    12. Avoid driving through deep puddles. If unavoidable, drive through in a lower gear. Maintain light pressure on the brakes to heat them up and dry them out. Test stop when it is safe to do so.

  5. Winter Driving

    Nov 18

    Posted in Safety

    Winter Driving

    Many parts of the country have already seen their first snowfall. Remember the first rule in winter driving is slow down!

    Always reduce your speed on wet, snow covered or icy roads.

    Do not use cruise control or engine retarders (Jake Brakes) in the above conditions.

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