Super Service will be conducting individual weight loss competitions (one for drivers and one for non-driving personnel) from January 6, 2014 to March 29, 2014.  All employees are eligible to participate.   

The official “weigh-in” dates for those who wish to participate will be the week of January 6-11.  Employees must weigh-in on a scale in one of the Company terminals and have their weight verified by one of the “approved weight verifiers”.  The approved “weight verifiers” for each terminal are:

1.    Michigan – Steve Maat, Damon Wade, Cheryl Metternick

2.    Kentucky – Sherry Daughetee, Ruth Skaggs, John Kidd, Chuck Creekmore

3.    New York – Bill Sutherland

4.    Georgia – Vic Tuck, Margot Herrell, Ross Roney

5.    South Carolina – Worth Rogers, Rob Grillo

6.    Texas – Guy Holden, Beverly Black

The winner will be determined by % of total body weight lost.  Non-driving participants will be required to provide a weight update during the last full week of January (1/26-2/01/14), February (2/23-3/01/14), and March (3/23-3/29/14).  Drivers are only required to do the initial weigh-in (January 6-10) and the last weigh-in (March 23-29).  

Prizes will be:

1st Place - $250 added to your 4/11/14 paycheck OR $250 in Super Service apparel

2nd Place - $100 added to your 4/11/14 paycheck OR $100 in Super Service apparel

3rd Place - $50 in Super Service apparel

Everybody who loses 5% or more of their body weight will receive a Super Service t-shirt.